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  • Television Marketing - Kontakt ltd strategy
    Kontakt ltd has adopted a special strategy in marketing called "Guerrilla" which substantially contains a phylosophy that incourages the involvement of creative and simple tools to make brand... Read More →
  • Dorado.. A novelty in Magnet
    Dorado is the new building that is being constructed in Magnet Neighborhood. It is located in north-east of the complex. It is designed with 4, 8 and 4 floors. The dynamics in the building facade but... Read More →
  • The readoption of the nursery school nr. 51 in Tiana
    The new project that Kontakt ltd is getting involved lately is on the readaption of a nurery school in Tirana as part of the large attempt of the Municipality of Tirana to sicure safe and comfortable... Read More →
    Kontakt ltd is investing in a better service towards clients by implementing and offering a product at a high standard. To actually practice this way of working Kotakt has adopted a Marketing... Read More →
  • Alwitra "Evalon" for Kontakt building's terraces
    The arrival of several rapresentants from Alwitra in Kontakt to give instruction on the application of the waterproof layer in the terraces of the new buildings is a great help to the architects that... Read More →
  • Alwitra and Kontakt
    In June 2015, the local architects employed at Kontakt ltd, Miss Juela Guri, Miss Ejona Veliu, Mr. Amarildo Fejzulla, Mr. Dritan Kapo, Miss Reblika Cela and Mr. Edison Demolli, working for the... Read More →