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  • "Homeplan Seven" Here it End's
    Septmeber 13, 2011 Kontakt ltd has started the Excavation work on the Homeplan seven. this will be the last building of the Homeplan project. Kontakt has already finishet the other six buildings... Read More →
  • Daniel Libekind the world Trade Center Architect in Tirana
    September 24, 2011 Daniel Libeskind is one of the world’s foremost architects; best known for designing The Jewish Museum in Berlin and The Imperial War Museum North in Manchester, and for his role... Read More →
  • Kontakt is General Sponser "Daniel Libeskind" Tirana Lecture.
    September 26, 2011 "Architecture is a poor thing, if you compare it to literature, if you compare it to music, if you compare it to art, [...] and its poverty is actually what makes it so fantastic... Read More →
  • Kontakt Nursery
    October 06, 2011 The olive nursery is located at street Frosina Plaku  just below to the Homeplan Residenstial Building   in south-east Tirana, Albania. This is one of KONTAKT's project helping in a... Read More →
  • Pilots Ferro Concrete Homeplan Seven
    October 09, 2011 Kontakt had used the Ferro beton product for the pilots for the Homeplan ResidentalBuilding. And now at the las building Homeplan seven we are using the same technologies.... Read More →
  • Excavation, Homeplan Seven
    October 13, 2011 Just a month ago Kontakt had started the excavation work for the building Homeplan number seven. whole this residential building is been building in  phases, and this one will be the... Read More →