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The problem stands in the application of the experience everyday rather than in the experience itself. Young people are energetic, they are able to implement this project with all of their liveliness and innovative spirit. Construction is a complex and hard work to accomplish, especially residential construction because needs physical effort to climb the floors from one side to the other, inside the building.

Even the professional direction is something that they need to learn. Kontakt needs energy and good will to work. Kontakt gives experience. We need young people to help them learn, to help them walk their first steps in their professional career. We prefer to search for this energy in young people rather than in other experienced ones because we want to give something new to them professionally speaking. We walk every day with a very fast pace. It seems like a train of technology growing. We like to work with young people because they like change, novelties and they prefer to experiment. They need to learn. And we give experience.

They have no complexes and they do not stop working. Their selection process is another thing. Those who remain as part of the staff are people that prefer working here with our pace, the other part of the people resign because they prefer another pace of work. Those who are similar to us remain with us. Those people who stay with us for more than one or two years are irreplaceable.

Everybody creates experience, we are not born experienced. But we feel grateful to those who have trusted us for the first time. They have given us the opportunity to excuse ourselves but at the same time keeping us under control through their professional experience. As a reward to those who supported Kontakt in its beginnings, now we do the same today, we trust to those who come to learn from our experience in construction, who join our work team.

The philosophy that we follow is to keep working with people that do not have experience but that are eager to learn, people that do not know but that can produce and learn easier and in a faster pace than others.

Fatmir Bektashi
Administrator i Pergjithshem
Ardita Gusho
Drejtuese Departament Arkitekture
Reblika Cela
Egreta Drenova
Amarildo Fejzulla
Mirgen Serani
Kostandina Kumi
Eva Gashi
As. Arkitekte
Alson Braho
Armando Ormeni
As. Arkitekt
Edriana Pashollari
Drejtuese Teknike
Blerim Koci
Ing. Gjeodet
Ernest Ligori
Ing. Hidroteknik
Orsiola Hasani
Ing. Elektrike
Anisa Palaj
As. Ing Ndertimi
Xhulio Hoxha
As. Ing Ndertimi
Megi Berdufi
As. Ing Ndertimi
Kristina Perroj
As. Ing Elektrike
Daniela Kortoci
As. Ing Ndertimi
Megi Barci
As. Ing Ndertimi
Ermenita Cahani
As. Ing Ndertimi
Eriola Tola
Drejtuese Kantieri, Ing. Ndertimi
Florida Albrahimi
Ing. Ndertimi
Lorenc Shaba
Ing. Elektrike
Oltiana Fusha
As. Ing Ndertimi
Erjon Laze
As. Ing Ndertimi
Genci Bektashi
Menaxher Projekti
Suzana Aliaj
Drejtuese Departamenti Finance
Eralda Ikonomi
Drejtues Grupi, Kontabilitet dhe Rakordime
Emiljano Driza
Specialist Finance
Oselda Gjordeni
As. Specialist Specialiste
Semiramis Dervishi
Specialist Finance
Vangjel Panozaqi
Drejtues Grupi, Analiza dhe Projekte
Adjona Goxhabelliu
Specialist Finance
Gerti Ballia
Specialist Finance
Xhulia Luku
As. Specialist Finance
Aida Zisi
Drejtues Dep
Enkeleide Davidhi
Frida Cinari
Joana Kutulla
Burime Njerezore
Nertila Kapri
As. Ceo
Gerd Mustafaraj
Drejtor Marketingu
Amela Dulla
Specialiste Shitje
Anxhela Gllavina
Specialiste Shitje
Evis Bono
Specialiste Shitje
Emira Zenelaj
Drejtuese Dizajni
Fioreta Muzaka
Ivi Myrtaj
Kristi Cunga
Aida Cepele