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Kontakt shpk participation in the National Work Fair at The Congress Palace 2-5 May 2015.

Along with several private businesses operating in Tirana, Kontakt shared its presence and the amazing work it has accomplished during the last 2 years in Magnet Neighbourhood.

Our exhibition space was visited by The Albanian Prime Minister and the current Minister of Social Welfare and Youth.

Many new candidates came across our space and new internship applicants were accepted from this event.

Kontakt policy is especially concentrated in youth support for initiating a career in engineering, architecture, law or economy.


The continual Kontakt participation in the National Fairs organized in Tirana is an effort that our company is taking as a potential weapon as part of the Marketing Strategy for 2015.

The most recent fairs in which Kontakt has participated are The Real Estate Expo Tirana and The National Work Fair at Congress Palace in Tirana.

As a result of this initiative a new approach has been given to the customers and good results are coming in response.

Urban City as an Innovation

New technologies offer part of the solution e.g. thermos-isolation, acoustic-isolation, scratchy plaster façade, etc. The quality of construction is also increasingly important—needs to be durable for multiple decades. Kontakt is one of the best companies in contributing especially in the residential field as a response to the continual request of the Albanian Capital City urbanism for a steady change.

Designing resilient infrastructure

Global megatrends—from the surge of people on the planet to the scarcity of the resources it needs—are changing the way we design, construct and operate structures and systems that will benefit society for the long term. 

Sustainable construction built right in

Everyone recognizes sustainable construction is the future. Sustainability can offer significant proven savings in energy costs, water costs, building costs, lifecycle costs, running costs and labor costs whilst greatly improving value with a minimum initial outlay.

At Kontakt, we have certified professionals on our staff. Our new construction project is qualified from ISO 9001 certification level. We offer our clients a full range of service methods, from design build, to commercial general contracting, and project management.

Kontakt design team includes engineers, architects, and project managers. 95% of our customers are highly satisfied with our construction project delivery process.


We think one of the reasons is that we see beyond the project we’re currently building — we want to build for you again, even if it’s fifty years from now. Another reason is our design-build philosophy informs everything we do, so whether it's our design-build method, construction management or construction management at risk, we work closely with you to evaluate the best delivery method to fit your needs.

Recognized ISO 9001 standard

Kontakt is quality certified under the internationally recognized ISO 9001 standard – a set of guidelines that represent the world's most widely accepted quality system.

Kontakt is part of a visionary series about sustainability and also discussion on strategies for deploying sustainable resilient infrastructure around Tirana and Durres, with specific emphasis on urban areas. As part of a visionary series about sustainability, it offers strategies for deploying sustainable resilient infrastructure, with specific emphasis on urban areas.