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We persistently seek new sources of goods, services, and technology

The Kontakt procurement departments cooperate closely with their suppliers and subcontractors, in order to ensure that the quality of all goods and services complies with national and international standards.

It is part of our subcontractor and supplier management approach to establish consistently Group-wide standards and to involve our business partners at an early stage. Through our Supplier, subcontractor and supplier information is made available online to Kontakt purchasing employees. The centralized database allows us to provide a high quality, consolidated pool of subcontractor and supplier data.

Our industry continually evolves, and it is our imperative to persistently seek new sources of goods, services, and technology to meet the demands of our customers and their respective projects. We pride ourselves on the knowledge, skill, experience, and customer commitment our suppliers and contractors bring to every project.

We seek professional organizations that can meet these parameters and grow their competence jointly with us on increasingly challenging projects. We strive to give fair and equal treatment to all, ensuring a level field of competition and adhering to the highest ethical standards in the industry. To meet our needs as described above, we look for suppliers and contractors who have an interest to provide the following goods and services.