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“Kontakt is committed to the highest standard of ethical business conduct.”

Kontakt is committed to the highest standard of ethical business conduct. This ethical standard is one of the company's most valuable assets and is a direct result its employees conduct.

Kontakt will conduct all business transactions in a proper, fair, impartial, and ethical manner, avoiding even the appearance of impropriety. We seek customers and partners who share our values and standards of conduct.

We encourage―and expect―Kontakt employees to speak up if they become aware of any unlawful or unethical conduct.

Industry leadership

Kontakt also promotes global standards of ethical business conduct through our involvement with leading organizations.

Kontakt on Integrity

Kontakt’s integrity as a company comes only from our integrity as individuals. Every day, each of our colleagues must conduct every aspect of our work fairly according to the highest ethical business standards, including complying with all applicable laws and regulations. As with safety, there is no room for compromise. Period.

No single person can uphold our commitment to ethics and integrity. It takes all Kontakt colleagues.