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Fatmir was born November 24th 1957 in Tirana. He was educated in Tirana.  After accomplishing his elementary school in Emin Duraku School in Tirana in 1972, he graduated from Petro Nini Luarasi High School in 1976. Later on, he became an engineer at the Politechnical University of Tirana in Mechanical - Industrial Engineering in 1982. He had a year of practice between the time after finishing high school and the time of starting university. He held it in Elbasan, at the Metallurgical Combine as a simple construction worker.

Starting at an early age, he had a special passion on puzzling. At high school, he understood that his true passion was Mathematics and Physics, especially physics experimentations. After graduated from University, he started working at Tractor Factory/Workshop three times a day. And then as a technical specialist of the department and then as a leading Engineering of Tractor Factory/Workshop from 1981 to 1991. Since that moment, he understood that he had particular abilities in management and this passion overlapped the desire to work as an engineer because he worked mostly as a manager. It was there that he discovered his management abilities.

From 1991 to 1992, he worked as the executive director of the executive commission in Tirana, even here developing his managerial abilities. And then from 1992 to 1998 as a deputy minister at the Ministry of Work and Social Issues he negotiates as the Assistant - Manager in the reconstruction of houses in Kosovo and later on, he decided to become the manager of his own company.

He feels proud of being helpful to the reconstruction of the houses in Kosovo after the war, to the country of the only national hero that the citizens of the period had, Adem Jashari. It was an experience that taught him not to be afraid of the construction as a process because of not being a civil engineer, but it was there that he learnt that he needed to implement his managerial abilities to direct a construction company. He understood that he was a good manager after his Kosovo experience.