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2010 - Today: A focus on sustainable progress

In 2010, Kontakt became investor and constructor of Magnet Residential Complex, starting with Homeplan and so on with Eagle in Flight, Orion, Perseus and actually with Eridanus and Volans.

In 2012, AnA Complex started in the Student Village and it was developed in two parallel construction sites. In this period, Kontakt was developed in management and it created a new management group.

Today, in 2015, Kontakt decided to create the department of sales and marketing to increase sales in the new complexes, AnA and Magnet. During this time, Kontakt matured in residential construction which even seemingly easy, it is difficult because it requires communication abilities in responding to all the requests of clients and suppliers.

But it required special concentration to accomplish a building on time with high quality and low cost. Low costs do not imply lower quality but a constant control of expenses during the process of construction. This process as a whole is very difficult to be delegated to other people. In this analysis, Kontakt has decided to specialize in residential buildings.

This objective made it a leader in this field in Tirana. As a result it has attracted clients and proprietress that trust Kontakt for its seriousness and quality served towards a price that is one of the most reasonable in Tirana area.