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Construction company Kontakt, over a decade and a half, is one of the main contributors in the construction of the projects with high responsibility for the business and the community in the city. Mostly the capital of Albania, Tirana, but during the last years on the cities around as well, have seen the rise of residential buildings, units of service, and the utility and social purposes designed, constructed and funded by the Kontakt company. Founded in 1999, Kontakt a society with restricted responsibility, and with a single partner. Kontakt contribution does not came only through construction, but also employment remains an important link in the company’s vision. There are 60 closest full-time administration associates as: construction engineers, architects, financials, lawyers, designers, and field agents, who manage rigorously the implementation of details on each project. Meanwhile, a large team of 300 workers, lead the motto "Develop ourselves to bring the best products". The latest technologies development, make possible that Kontakt becames one of the trustiest names “Made in Albania”. Difference that Kontakt has made in the local market, is related to the fact that the company takes care for the objects that builds, by turning these objects in the most competitive on the market.  










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