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Kontakt Profile

The main word of Kontakt, during all these years, has been the establishment of customer relations. The dedication and sustainability that the company offers, remains the strongest point, on whose foundations and trusting report has been established to make the client safer when it comes to choose their nursery, or the environment where they will build their business.

8 leading qualities of a leading society:


From vision to word, form word to letter, from letter to signature!
Are these the steps that Kontakt has choosen to follow to make reality everyones dreams.


Transparency, as an implemented concept, runs every projects idea where costs, spending and investment are open and always confront to the laws and rules of the Albanian state.


Supported on a professional assistance, in Kontakt you will find the fulfilling of all your requirements in real time, with high flexibility and adaptability to your exigencies.


Market developments are based on the quality of investments, which in focus have the details that make the difference. This makes Kontakt society the provider of a life with high durability.


Time is the main indicator of the seriousness of a construction company. The greatest rewards your customers receive is the timely fulfillment of the construction deadlines, because in Kontakt we go farward with the philosophy: “Build in time because time is what we need”.


Technological developments and newer construction products are applied in time, with everything happening abroad by making contemporary and competitive projects in Kontakt.


All that everybody wants, it’s high quality and competitive prices! Precisely for these two essential factors, Kontakt is the only choice where your investment gets absolute value.

Qualified staff

Kontakt is a big family, where everyone is working to grow up together to contribute and accomplish goals. Qualification of staff is the forerunner of all investments to achieve quality without compromise.