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We take the best from the environment, by giving our contribution.

Sustainability is the strongest development point of Kontakt construction company's. Caring the selection of materials that are environmentally friendly and ensures efficiency recycle the energy of nature and this is an argument that never comes out of attention. "Use of nature for the benefit of nature itself", the motto that leads us in the realization of our projects.



The natural factors that damage the building mostly are wind and rain. Putting the windows into the wall with exceptional precision, provides the object and the apartment, but at the same time the use of wind becomes necessary for the ventilation systems.



The optimal sunning of apartments is projected since in the beginning of the project, offering warmness and naturally illuminated homes. For a cool summery environment in winter, thermal insulation with materials of the last generation are the key to success. Kontakt is ensured that lifestyles in objects that build, are of a high security through fireproof system FPS.



Waterproofing buildings from underground waters and rain ensures water utilization for irrigation of land, so that objects always have green spaces around them, creating fruit and vegetable microfarms near residential complexes. Until a few years ago, it was considered a utopia, Kontakt has already turned it into reality.



All of these together, offer durability to the unexpected things on earth, providing facilities against erosion and tectonic movements.